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Company history

The Volkswagen Beetle was in production from 1938-2003. During that time more than 22 million units were produced, and became the most widely sold automobile in the world. Just like the VW Beetle, we at Volksflieger Ltd. have a dream of creating an aircraft that combines all the great features found in the Beetle. A well thought out and good looking design, great performance, simply made, easy to manufacture and to repair, at an affordable price. That dream became a reality with the Skyranger SW.

Volksflieger Ltd was founded on the principle of creating and building an aircraft, whose price and performance are unbeatable. Our 25 years of manufacturing experience in Germany, as part of Sauer Aircraft Engines Ltd. one of the largest and last remaining manufacturers of aircraft engines and parts, have helped provide us with the necessary experience to produce a Microlight.

Our aircraft are manufactured in an EASA certified environment with stringent quality controls. Every step in the building process is meticulously documented, and each part can be traced back to its origin. By using these processes we able to guarantee that the manufactured parts are up to German quality norms.