>Prospekt SkyRanger SW  2010


1. Type Certificate


This section contains the Build manual, POH, Parts list and all Service Bulletins for the SkyRanger aircraft


Flylight have produced a comprehensive build manual, which is supplied with the kit in paper format, and a cd in both Word and PDF format. You can download edition 4 of this manual in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format here:

* Part 1: Fuselage construction (7.2 Meg)
* Part 2: Undercarriage, tail surfaces and covering the fuselage (7.9 Meg)
* Part 3: Engine installation and wings (5 Meg)
* Part 4: Windscreen, cowling and engine ancilliaries (9 Meg)
* Part 5: Fuel, instruments and electrical systems (4 Meg)
* Part 6: Dashboard (including optional curved dash, centre console etc.), doors, seats & spats (8 Meg)
* Part 7: Preparation for flight (1.8 Meg)

You can also download the Pilot Operators Handbook (POH) from here:

SkyRanger SW POH (0.3 Meg)

For ease of ordering spare and replacement parts, please download the following list and quote part numbers when ringing Flylight Engineering on +49(0)6136 81055.

SkyRanger Parts List (1.6Meg)
Service Bulletins

All parts required to complete these SB's are now included as standard in new kits. The SB's in Word (.doc) format can be downloaded here;

Seat Base SB: (0.4M) Details of extra bracing to reinforce the seat base.
Aileron Connection SB: (0.3M) Change of design to completely eliminate the possibility of rigging the ailerons in the wrong sense.